PubTech Radar Scan: Issue 3


  • IEEE has launched IEEE SA Open, a new open source development platform. The new platform hopes to solve some of the challenges faced by the open-source development community, such as lack of relevant engagement in projects, solution incompatibility, and complexity around intellectual property licensing.
  • UNSILO has announced that its AI-supported technical checks tool Evaluate is now fully integrated into ScholarOne. Integrating new services into established suppliers services is never easy so big 👍to the teams for getting there.



  • Steffen Lemke from ZBW Blog summarises the findings of an online survey about German researchers’ attitudes towards the use of Altmetrics which includes a section about manipulation. I think gaming will become much more of a problem. Paying for services to artificially inflate your altmetrics is fairly quick, easy and very cheap (compared to APCs). At present, it’s not really in anyone’s interests to look for, let alone call out, problematic statistics.

Discovery services

Open Science

Research assessment

User experience

  • David Worlock in Why Innovation beats Format every time! comments that “Scholarship doe[s] not and never has lived by format . Knowledge transmission will always find the appropriate channel , like water round a dam.” I’m not entirely convinced. The article format isn’t fit for purpose, but change within the scholarly community seems rather more glacial rather than rapidly flowing water escaping from a dam.


The end of 3rd party cookies means that publishers and advertisers will need to find new ways to target content/ads to users.

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